The Wade Brothers



The Wade Brothers – photography / directing / creative support.

Style – Fashion, Sport, Portraiture, Lifestyle Location – NYC

The Wade Brothers are David Lindsey Wade and sibling Lyndon Wade who are each recognized as one of the top lifestyle, fashion and advertising photographers in the world. They have received worldwide acclaim and exposure for their work in all forms of media. Additionally their work appears in galleries around the world.

Development of CONTENT is the beginning of all communication. We imagine a sense of place and sensation, and create images and videos that tell a cohesive story whether for film or print.







The Wade Brothers —— 摄影师、导演、创意

风格 —— 时尚,运动,人物,生活

常驻地 —— 纽约

The Wade Brothers由David Lindsey Wade和他的兄弟Lyndon Wade组成,他们分别都被公认为是全球顶级的时尚、广告、生活风格的摄影师。他们的作品受到了全球范围的追捧,并且他们已经将他们的创作延伸到各类媒体而不仅仅是平面。他们的作品在全球各地的画廊展出。