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Bersa, Anders Holmberg Gorgén, is born 1961 and has taken photographs since childhood. Following photography studies at Kulturama, Bersa first worked as a chef at restaurant Tranan for several years, before he started working as Kent Billeqvist’s assistant.

Three years in New York followed, where he worked as assistant to Alex Chatelain, Barry McKinley, and Mikael Jansson, among others.

His photos from half a year spent in India became a music video for Tomas Ledin. This launched his own career. Due to commercial assignments and travelling for Kappahl, Marco Polo, NK, and Arla, Bersa spent several years in Los Angeles and Sydney. In the last ten years, he has operated out of Stockholm, but he spends more than a third of the year travelling.

Bersa’s photography reflects an international vibe, the desire to travel and meet new people. He often employs outdoor settings, and because of his unique contact with models, many of them keep appearing in Bersa’s personal photography. Energy, a lust for life, and authenticity run through his pictures.

Among the commercial clients are H&M, Ericsson, Nokia, Lindex, Vagabond, La Redoute, Casall, Åhlens, Brothers, and Sisters. Editorial clients include Café, Biba, and both Swedish and Australian Elle.


瑞典摄影师Bersa生于1961年,从小热爱摄影,毕业于摄影专业后,他在瑞典知名餐厅Tranan担任主厨,几后他重新回归摄影,成为知名摄影师Kent Billeqvist的助理。三年之后Bersa移居纽约,因他在印度半年拍摄的照片成为了Tomas Ledin的音乐视频,并受到大众瞩目,从此开始了自己的职业生涯。

由于商业合作并为品牌Kappahl, MarcoPolo, NK, and Arla拍拍片, Bersa 曾多年里往返于洛杉矶以及悉尼。在过去的十年,他常常离开瑞典斯德哥尔摩,几乎每年有三分之一的时间在外旅行,因此Bersa 的摄影作品有着强烈的国际氛围,反映出热爱旅行和结识新事物的生活态度。

Bersa 曾合作过的品牌有H&M, Ericsson, Nokia, Lindex, Vagabond, La Redoute, Casall, Åhlens等,以及与杂志期刊的合作有Café, Biba,  瑞典及澳大利亚版Elle。